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President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s Statement on 6th Anniversary of June 30 Revolution

Tuesday، 02 July 2019 - 11:55 AM

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s Statement

on 6th Anniversary of June 30 Revolution

Egypt’s Great People,

Egypt celebrates today the 6th anniversary of its glorious revolution on June 30. These days that are still vivid in the memory of this generation, who revolted to defend their most precious principles and values; the genuine Egyptian nationality and identity. Despite the hard circumstances that shadowed these days in 2013, yet they were one of our modern history’s greatest days when hope, determination and will were born from despair.

June 30 Revolution represents the strongest Egyptian constants and mostly cemented ones; the belonging of millions of Egyptians to their country that embraced them, their fathers and grandparents throughout thousands of years. Their rejection to any attempt that targets erasing their national identity are the facts that couldn’t be changed by time.

The Egyptian people's belonging has been above any narrow interests of groups or foreign parties, who believed that their black terror would defeat the will of a nation that made history, and inspired the humanity of the meaning of sacrifice for the homeland.

Egypt’s Great People,

The masses of the Egyptian people in the 30th of June Revolution marked a path for us to walk through, represented in the priority of protecting and preserving the country, then developing and improving it in order for Egypt to become a developed nation that provides its children with decent living opportunities and a life that fits the 21st century.

Over the last years, we managed, thanks to Allah, insistence and the will of the people, the efficiency and heroism of the Armed Forces and the police, and the solidarity of all state institutions, to protect our dear homeland from slipping into chaos, fragmentation and conflicts. 

We managed to undermine the infrastructure of terrorist organizations, which attempted to exhaust and weaken the state. We launched the comprehensive operation in Sinai, in which the blood of our righteous martyrs has been shed on this good land, to eradicate evil and darkness powers. Our men of the Armed Forces and the brave police managed to protect the homeland and preserve its dignity, so that Egypt has become pointed to as a center for stability, security and peace in the middle of
 a regional surrounding that suffers severe disturbance, with its dangers clear to everyone. 

At the same time, we have laid solid foundations for a modern and advanced economy; we faced the stagnant conditions that lasted long, and we took the hard decisions, despite their cruelty. The heroic Egyptian people have introduced the greatest sense of perseverance and the deep understanding for the requirements and burdens of reform, so they have endured it with courage, steadfastness and pride, in a way that suits a great people who totally understands that the demands cannot be obtained by only hope, but by work, sacrifice and patience. 

Actually, the Egyptians launched their energies for construction and development. Thanks to Allah, we succeeded to carry out the national ambitious economic reform programme, establish an infrastructure at unprecedented rates, encourage investment, provide new job opportunities and consolidate social justice in a way that everyone praises volume of the achievements made according to the scientific criteria and international economic indicators.

Egypt’s Great People,

On the 6th anniversary of June 30 Revolution, we reiterate our pledge to preserve and protect Egypt, sparing no effort nor a giving, sacrificing any dear or a precious thing to build a homeland, our sons and grandsons deserve. We shall place the homeland’s interest above all, insisting to bring our dreams to reality and having armed with determination and will to pursue our construction and development to fulfil a renaissance to Egypt on all levels.

Let me express my appreciation and respect to the Egyptian great people, who conquers disasters and difficulties and makes hope and future.

Many Happy Returns and Egypt Lives in Safety, Stability and Progress.
Long Live Egypt.. Long Live Egypt.. Long Live Egypt

Allah’s Peace and Mercy Be Upon You

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