21 February 2020 02:58 AM

Egypt State Information Service (SIS)

Foreign Media Coverage of the Referendum on Constitutional Amendments

The State Information Service (SIS) followed up international media coverage of the referendum on the constitutional amendments in Egypt, for the second day of voting at home and the last day of voting abroad.

Extensive International Media Coverage for the First Day of the Referendum on Constitutional Amendments

The referendum on the constitutional amendments, which began Saturday April 20, and continues until Monday April 22, has been extensively covered in a wide range of newspapers and foreign media outlets.

A Report by The State Information Service: 2018.. Terrorism is dying in Egypt

Terrorists celebrate New Year’s Eve in their own special way through bloodshed and taking innocent lives. This is exactly what they have done 2 days ago with their wicked attack in the Mariouteya area in Giza ..

Egypt and China…Partnership for Development

Egypt and China have a huge civilization that provides them with a suitable base to achieve development for a better life for the citizens of both countries…

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